Lean Six Sigma Sample Projects

The World Wide Web is  a treasure trove of knowledge on most situations and everything. Maybe you’d be interested in easy methods to identify “home run” projects  for your lean six sigma assignment. Many other people have a similar interest. It’s not hard to do when you are aware how.

To kick start your brainstorming session, I give you a list of effective projects that deliver awesome money (even USD 250k sounds casual). One of the technique you can use is Theory of Constraints. There are many constraints for example market, policy,resources and even stupid constraints.

  • Product Loss or Volume Loss in Transaction
  • Increase Heavy Diesel Recovery from UCO in Hydrocracker
  • Improve HVGO 90% Cut Point
  • Minimising Product giveaway such as RON Giveaway in Mogas 97, sulfur in Diesel
  • Reducing C4 Slippage from Stabiliser
  • Product quality improvement such as Isomerate RON Improvement
  • Minimising HP Steam Usage in Steam Driven Compressor
  • Optimization in  Furnace Coil Outlet Temperature
  • Furnace excess O2 optimization
  • Inventory Balancing using Theory Of Constraint such as Crude Stock Optimisation
  • Optimising Boiler Blowdown – spec, wastage etc
  • Maximise Diesel Production by increasing HGO 90% Distillation Cut
  • Stripping Steam Optimisation in HCK Strippers (OR Distillation Towers)
  • Preheat maximization – concept of lever can be used to challenge Theory  Of Constraints
  • Reduce C3 Slip to Fuel Gas  system


Another set of transaction sample projects

  • Reduce Sales Order Process Cycle Time
  • Introduce warranty extension
  • Increase Sale
  • Reduce  Work In Progress (WIP) – Service Business
  • Increase Service Contract Sale
  • Reduce Non-Payroll G&A Cost
  • Improve  Billing Process to be one same day with Deliveries
  • Improve variation orders
  • Improve process for evaluating & selecting subcontractors
  • Warehouse slow-moving parts optimization


Understanding type of project whether six sigma project or lean type of project will greatly improve likelihood of success and surely  reduce project cycle time.





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